Now we’d like to show one of messages from YCP participants at WPX SSB on this March.

YCP参加者(3月のWPX SSB)から送られてきたメッセージのひとつをご紹介しましょう。

I feel very happy because I could experience DX operation which I had almost no experience, using marvelous equipments in a marvelous location.

I have made QSOs many times from the station of my school, but I’ve never made QSOs with the U.S. or Australia on Phone mode. But this time, I was able to use many equipments which aren’t in my school club station. I also succeeded to make QSOs with some areas which I have made QSOs only with CW. As a result, I could enhance my technique of QSP and my interests of ham radio through this contest. If only other younger members in my club could also have this sort of experience!

I hope that these YOTA projects will be continuously held, and teenagers who are interested in ham will increase through them.

(16 y/o)




(16 歳)