Now we’d like to show one of messages from YCP participants at WPX SSB on this March.

YCP参加者(3月のWPX SSB)から送られてきたメッセージのひとつをご紹介しましょう。

DX was something difficult for me because it is not so easy to try and it requires good equipment, so I have refrained from trying it. So, in this YCP, I decided to enjoy as much as I can, not only leading younger participants.

Midnight 40m, 15m in the early morning,…… looking back, I think the contest over 48 hours passed very fast while experiencing many things for the first time. In particular, catching the switch of short pass and long pass as a phenomenon of the lag of reception time in a high band was a fresh experience, although I had known about it as a piece of knowledge. Unintentionally, I cried “It’s echoing!” out … which is a very embarrassing memory for me.

More than anything, I feel really happy for I could share this awesome time with other youngsters.

(21 y/o)




(21 歳)