Now we’d like to show one of messages from YCP participants at WPX SSB on this March.

YCP参加者(3月のWPX SSB)から送られてきたメッセージのひとつをご紹介しましょう。

Since I had participated in some domestic contests from the club station of my high school, I was confident of operating during contests, but it wasn’t so easy to operate during world-wide ones. The WPX SSB contest I participated in this time was very challenging for me.

It was the first time for me to take part in a DX contest, but I found it fun although it was different from domestic ones and I feel that I gained some ability of operation.

I enjoyed the contesting very much because I could operate as a member of JE1CKA which is famous for getting high scores in domestic contests, and was fascinated with the wonderful equipment at the station.

(17 y/o)

高校社団局から国内コンテストに参加してオペレートにも自信があったので,今回のWPX SSBコンテストもなんとかなるだろうという気持ちで臨みましたが,その考えは甘く,とても苦戦するものでした.



(17 歳)