Now we’d like to show one of messages from YCP participants at WPX SSB on this March.

YCP参加者(3月のWPX SSB)から送られてきたメッセージのひとつをご紹介しましょう。

I think that I owe many people teaching me how enjoyable contesting is. Thus I decided to support various things of YCP this time. It is because I thought youths who are interested in DX contests and decided to participated in YCP can enter a new world, and I can do something as a repay for people who have supported me by doing so.

I think youths who involved in YCP this time faced many difficulties … logging software which they are not used to, beam antennas which has strong directivities, grasping the condition, pile-ups, accents, etc. However, as they made QSOs more, they increasingly got the hang of it, and were having more fun. Looking at them, I felt that their future are bright.

I hope that they will tell how fun ham radio is to their friends.

(25 y/o)





(25 歳)